All quiet, kind of.....

I have been very quiet for a few weeks as things have gotten hectically busy recently.

After A LOT of searching and many trials and tribulations, I landed a great job - 25 hours a week and utilizing my knowledge and experience in the performing arts sector. I am not saying where or what it is exactly but it doesn't pay badly, I am a manager and the other people I work with are really great and very supportive. Sometimes good things happen too….

I also went for my yearly appointment with the Neurologist. 
There was a new intern this year and he proceeded to examine me and ask how things were. 
Well, great actually considering that the medical profession has not come up with ANY treatment plan for me ever. To my shock and horror he said that I am eligible for a trial run of Ocrelizumab,  shock as I did not think that I would be eligible and horror as the drug (which is not yet available in NZ) will cost - wait for it - $NZ67 000.00 for a single 6-month transfusion. I decided that as I cannot say Ocrelizumab quickly whether drunk or sober but I CAN say, Mercedes, that I would rather buy an S-class Mercedes. as a Mercedes costs about $NZ67 000.00 new anyway. 
There are a number of possible fun side-effects from taking Ocrelizumab that include cancer, heart attacks and death. I decided to give the drug a miss as it doesn't actually cure anything, rather stops your immune system completely thereby potentially slowing the progression of MS although not in every case…
I would rather be cured thanks. And live afterward too, that part would be a big plus. Although if the Dr had said that there was the possibility of developing superhuman strength, some psychic ability or the ability to fly as a side effect, that I would have jumped at the opportunity to take the drug….

I don't know quite why but I am reminded of a relative who was shot by the British in WW1 for refusing to fight on the Somme. He served in the NZ army in the disastrous Gallipoli campaign where he was wounded and decorated and then was shipped out to Western France where things went a bit haywire for him as by then he was suffering from PTSD and didn't want to fight anymore. Unfortunately, this didn't end too well for him as the British army took a fairly dim view of anyone refusing to go over the top and have at the Hun.
In the year 2002 the British crown actually apologized for having shot him dead, but I guess that the apology was probably a bit wasted on him by then although I suppose it was probably the thought that counted…. 

Anyhow, its all quiet down here on the Southern Front…


  1. Hey Tony, I’m Jonathan, from southwest Michigan, USA. You’re near that OMS guy George Jelinek. I’ve been following that program (halfheartedly) since being diagnosed SPMS in 2012. Congrats on the job. May it, and your MS, go well.



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