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To the ends of the Earth..

Still going strong....

So its been quite a while since last I wrote anything and that hasn't been because I haven't wanted too, its been because I am dead tired by the weekend after a week of work.

In August this year, more out of a whim than anything else, I decided to talk to a large (and very prestigious) national arts company here in Wellington and see if they would take pity on poh' little me, my being disabled and all that, and to my shock and horror, they offered me a real job. The first 'real' one in 4 years.
The job entails me running the volunteers for the organisation (the "Friends") and maintaining and developing the philanthropy that is part and parcel of a 1000+ membership database. I am kept very busy administering the organisation and attending to the various - and many - vagaries that come with the position.

Having MS was the real kicker. It is like a shadow hanging over my every move. Although I have become very adept at its management …